It's how you swap rewards for insights

Give rewards in exchange for insights. Incentivise your audience to engage with you. It's as easy as creating a form, setting up a bounty and sharing the link with your customers.

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Why BountyForm?

Earning is fun

Sure, everyone's handing out rewards like candy. But why be like everyone else? Make them work for it! Studies say earned rewards hit different.

Give Receive

Skip the one-way street of just giving – join the receive club! BountyForm lets users share insights and feedback, earning sweet bounties in return. It's a win-win, don't you think?

How it works

Go live in just 2 minutes! Our form builder is super minimal and crazy easy. No fuss, all power!

Create a form

Add as many questions as you want. You can choose between text inputs, emails, multiple or single choices, ratings etc.

Add a bounty

Set up a bounty at the end of the form. It can be a discount code, a url to some secret page, file download, etc.

Embed or share a link

Each form has a unique URL that you can share with your users. You can also embed it on your website.


If you're on the hunt for audience engagement that brings smiles and valuable insights, look no further.

For SaaS owners

If you have a SaaS app, you can use BountyForm to get feedback from your users. You can ask them what features they want to see next, what features they use the most, etc.

For E-Commerce

If you have an e-commerce store, you can use BountyForm to get feedback from your customers. In return, you can give them a discount code or a free shipping coupon.

For content creators

If you have a blog, a newsletter or a podcast, you can use BountyForm to get feedback from your audience. You can ask them what topics they want to see next, what they like or dislike about your content, etc.

For lead generation

Create forms to capture leads and potential customer information. You can reward them with a discount code or a free trial.

For beta testing participation

Create forms to collect feedback from beta testers. Build a community around your product and reward them for their input.

For training and course feedback

Build forms to collect feedback on training sessions or courses. Perfect for teachers, coaches and trainers.

For event organizers

If you organize events, BountyForm is a great way to get feedback from your attendees. As a gift, you can give them a discount code for your next event.

For measuring employee satisfaction

Collect feedback from employees on workplace satisfaction and reward them for their input, fostering a positive work culture.

Don't see your use-case?

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All Features Included, For Free

We've got the magic touch to make getting the job done a walk in the park!

Form blocks

Tools to build your forms

Text fields - for short answers
Text areas - for long-form answers
Email fields - for collecting emails
Multiple choice questions
Single choice questions
Date/Time picker
File uploads

Bounty blocks

Tools to reward your users

Promo codes
URLs - for secret pages, YouTube videos, downloads, etc.
Files - could be anything - PDFs, images, videos, etc.
Text content
Gorgeous interface
Our design is all about keeping it minimal and oh-so-beautiful.
Embed anywhere
Pop your forms anywhere! Embedding as simple as copy-and-paste.
Control submissions
Set submission limits per form and be the captain of your data ship. Smooth sailing ahead!
Add a splash of fun with a 'X bounties left' badge on your form. It's like a treasure hunt, but for engagement!